Scottish Salmon

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Pristine lochs and emerald-green hills shrouded in fog and cloaked in mystery, majestic castles and checkered kilts – these are, probably, the most precise images that come to our minds when we think about the beautiful land of Scotland. Here everything is imbued with a sense of legendary history and centuries-old traditions. So, now we are going to explore one of Scottish original delicacies, worth being the protagonist of your most exquisite menu. Meet the sublime smoked salmon Scotland is so proud of.
Scottish salmon refers to the Atlantic salmon which is among the largest species of this fish that inhabits the waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean and the Baltic Sea, as well as the rivers flowing into the North Atlantic. It is an anadromous fish which is born in the fresh water, migrates to the sea or ocean as it grows older, and then returns to the natal river to reproduce. The local tides and winds have created perfect environmental conditions for the normal life of this species. Today there are many online fishing services providing professional guides who can advise you not only on how to pick and buy Scottish salmon, but also on where and how to fish it in case you are going to visit Scotland.
However, since the natural population of salmon decreased in the past century, almost all of the fish available at the world’s markets nowadays is reared and harvested on the special fish farms. In Scotland they are situated in the northern Highlands region and on the islands nearby. In recent years Scottish farmed salmon has become Scotland’s most exported food product. Besides, it was the first non-French food which received the French Government’s Label Rouge award for the premium quality.
Scottish salmon’s texture is naturally very succulent, and it has a much milder flavor than any other type of the fish. That is why the silkiness and tender piquancy of its smoked version is also highly valued even by the most discerning connoisseurs.
Scottish smoked salmon is actually the result of the Jewish gastronomic tradition brought by the immigrants from Eastern Europe and implemented in Britain in the end of the 19th century. Before this there were some types of smoked fish Scotland, as well as the other parts of Great Britain, consumed. Smoked haddock and herrings were the most popular.
At first the imported Baltic salmon was used for smoking. But after this fish was found in Scotland’s rivers, the smoked salmon Scottish masters made became the sumptuous local treat. In the 1970s, with the development of fish farming Scotland’s salmon turned into a more affordable food, which satisfied the highest quality standards. The traditional fish smoking techniques were once more upgraded. Finally, in making smoked salmon Scotland has gradually acquired a reputation as a very successful manufacturer.
Today in Scotland smoked salmon is splendid masterpiece of the local gastronomy. Here we have prepared an impressive selection of the finest gourmet foods for you to choose and buy Scottish smoked salmon fillets and slices of the best quality. We are also glad to offer you the originally smoked Scottish salmon sides, which you can order with only a mouse-click away.