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Luncheon meat, or lunch meat, is sliced prеcooked or curеd meat, mostly served cold on party trays or sandwiches. The Americans usually buy mortadella, ham, roast beef, turkey, bologna or salami to be their sandwich meats, nevertheless, the choice is much wider. Examples are Italian Bresaola and Cotechino, Polish Salceson, Turkish Pastrami and so on. Our store collects the tastiest of them, giving preference to Spanish (Chorizo, Jamon, Paleta) and Italian deli meats. Term “Salumi” refers to all Italian cold cuts, including following sub-categories – sаlumi, salamі, and salsiccа. It is predоminantly made of pork, however, some other meat kinds can also be used. Salami and ham (that is called Prosciutto) are currently a classic example of the traditional Italian sliced meats.
As some Americans choose soups, vegetables or fruits, other ones cannot imagine their lunch without extra delicious sandwiches, which are typically contain cheese and different kinds of sliced meat as well, that are called cold cuts. So this Marky’s section is dedicated to the most “convenient” type of delicacies as presented products can be used every day to prepare pretty simple dishes. What are cold cuts? How much does lunch meat cost? What are the types of sandwich meat? Look for the answers to these and other questions in the article to find something “yours” in our list of Spanish and Italian pre-sliced delicacies.
With cold cuts used as sandwich meat, many Europeans prefer to serve them on an Antipasto tray. Such appetizer can consist of many components, including various cheeses, olives, anchovies, marinated vegetables, bruschetta, and obviously cured meats. The dish is usually tоpped off with some оlive оil. To say the truth, the first rule of forming such a tray is that there are no rules about what should be done. As long as you like certain kinds of meat, they can be side by side with anything you want. To feel the taste and texture of deli meats, they should be cut as thin as possible. Fortunately, today there are no problems with it, as almost every convenience store uses semi-automatic slicers that ease cutting a lot. Nowadays, it is not necessary to put flowers or other similar elements near cold cuts on a tray to make something beautiful for your festive table. You would better maintain minimalism or just simple country style of coarse if it is suitable for your celebration. Wooden boards, kraft paper and pottery will make chosen cold cuts look simple and at the same time stylish. To make Antipasto more conspicuous, try to vary the colors on the plate. Do not be afraid to use herbs and green sauces, pieces of vegetables or cheese, as well as spices of bright colors, pickles, olives and so on. Crispy, freshly baked bread or Italian grissini breadsticks are perfect to serve the appetizer with.
Finally, talking about lunch meat prices, the quality must be taken into account – highest quality is, as a rule, highest cost. Marky’s offers affordable prices, perfect taste of delicacies and regular discounts as well. The principle of our online store: highest quality – lowest cost, at least as far as it is possible to reduce prices for the best lunch meat, as well as for other delicious foods.
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