Squid and Cuttlefish

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One of the best natural food dyes, which can easily make an equally incredible and exquisite treat from an ordinary and quite unremarkable meal, is squid ink. Some chefs figuratively call it black gold of gastronomy. It acts as a coloring condiment, adding deep velvet black tint to any dish it is used for. Although seasoning dishes with squid or cuttlefish inks may seem to be another exotic idea of some unconventional restaurants, traditional Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines have featured it for quite a long period of time.

If you are going to throw an amazing and unforgettable party for your friends, or you want to treat your nearest and dearest with a little bit alien but very delicious dinner, squid or cuttlefish inks will help you to translate your culinary fantasies into reality.

At Marky’s Gourmet Store you can find the prime squid ink to buy and surprise your dear guests. We are glad to provide you with the product of exceptional quality. Below you will also find some simple cooking tips, so that after you buy squid inks, you could immediately choose the best way to use them at your kitchen.

Both cuttlefish and squid refer to the so called cephalopods. Among other mollusks they are considered the most mobile and intelligent. Their ability to produce a dark pigment, commonly known as “ink”, when they feel threatened is a good example of how the Nature cares about its creatures. A black ink cloud helps a cephalopod to escape from a situation which it regards as dangerous.

Actually, such ink is a complex mixture of different chemical substances, but they are harmless for human health. What is more, some of them are believed to slow the lower the risk of cancer. By the way, the color of the ink is determined by melanin, a pigment that also imparts dark tints to our skin, hair and eyes. As for the nutrients, these natural inks are rich in iron and antioxidants.

Cuttlefish, squids and some other cephalopods have special ink sacs from which the inks can be extracted by hand. So, you may be advised to do it yourself providing that you do not know where to buy squid ink. Although this is not a very difficult task, buying squid ink in jars or sachets in online stores is certainly much more time saving. Besides, the whole squid price is usually higher than that of extracted inks.

The ink of a squid is said to contain more iodine. Its flavor is more pungent, that is why it appears to be not as favored among some gourmets as cuttlefish ink. But to make it all simpler, in most cases cuttlefish ink is classified as that of a squid. Please, note that both kinds of ink can be added to the same dishes, and both of them are washable.

Many men, many tastes. Indeed, if you ask two different people, their answers to this question may be quite contrary. Let us depart from the most often given characteristics. So, the original flavor of this type of ink is delicately salty, with umami relish and sweetish touch. But you should definitely have your own try.

Now there is no need for you to ask yourself something like “where can I buy squid ink?”. Here we are at Marky’s Gourmet Store with several premium answers. You are welcome to check our squid ink price, as well as order and buy squid ink online with a few quick clicks.These are our cooking suggestions:

  • Add it to your favorite pasta or noodles.
  • Color your risotto or any other rice dish.
  • Make piquant sauces, adding some chopped garlic, chilly or parsley.
  • For the dinner at which one of the leading flavoring roles is given to squid ink buy some of your favorite seafood as well: shrimps, prawns or shellfish will be a nice company.